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You have reached my milling website. I have a D&L TimberTech swingblade mill. It uses a precission blade for cutting so the amount of resaw, plaining, and sanding work is minimal; and the log never needs turning so efficiency is much higher.

Mill cutting services. Milled lumber products.
I can provide the following services: <<>>
- On-site millling
- Custom cutting of your logs brought to me
I have some products I plan to mill on a regular basis - mostly basic crown moulding. All of what I cut is on the quarter-sawn or rift-sawn grain - with the exception of the center cut posts which are left over.

Moldings (no link yet)
I'm expecting a routing attachment I can use to make moldings. The "world wide supply chain issues" have my router on backorder.

I can cut planks between and and two inches (or more or less) to use as shelving. I can leave them rough cut for your finishing or run them through a planer.

We have some animals in the yard so I make them houses. Instead of the standard studs with particle board, I use all rough sawn hardwoods. It gives the building a rustic look and is solid.

Drying the wood is a big issue. I have a stack ready for another animal house but it needs to dry so it does not shrink and leave gaps. I put together a temporary kiln with a pattern I can match easily. This is for ideas - not really to sell.