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I do offer custom buildings. Rather than use a standard frame and particle board method, I am using all rough cut hardwood. The standard thickness is a true 1" (4/4 in milling-speak) using 6" wide boards. These are intended for small to medium animals or general storage. I have some 2" thick (8/4) along with 6x6 posts ready to make a shelter for horses if I ever get to it. My base price is $50/square foot ($2,400 for 6'x8') made to 1/2 foot dimentions and a lean-to roof 4 feet on the short side and 6 feet on the tall side. I can do peaked roofs if desired. I can probably build up to 10'x20' and deliver if a trailer can be backed into the location for the building or you have equipment to move it. I do put them all on skids so they can be drug around to an extent.

I helped a friend build a weekender tiny house and storage shed for her property. She was talking about 12x20 with 7 foot walls and a short gambrel roof. Nah. Ten foot walls with a tall gambrel roof and lofts! Here's a shot unpainted. Clicking on it will take you to a page of

Dog Houses
Here's some photos of a house for dogs. It has the sides horizontal. If water comes down, it will get cought by the horizontal openings and come into the house. I need to trim it and seal it well. Going forward, the slats will all be vertical so water will run donw the edges of the slats instead of into the structure. The roof will still leak so it can either be covered or trimmed.

Below is a shelter for some miniature horses - along with one of the horses asking for grain. It is made of closer to 6/4 siding. I wasn't as precise when I milled these. I had to leave the lower part of the front open so one horse can escape if the other gets crabby. It has some gaps between the slats in front but it's okay for the horses. They just want a break from the wind and I put hay in if it is going to rain. I also added the side supports to the outside so the inside walls would ramina smooth. This will keep the walls from catching manure. Note the solar night light in the side...

The same basic pattern was used for this house for baby goats. Note it has a doggy door so we can add a small heater but they can still get in and out. Again it has some gaps. If it got as cold as Montana, I would seal them up to maintain the heat.